Acquisition Finance

Acquisition Finance for Growth and Management Buyouts

Secured and cashflow debt finance solutions

Acquisition finance for business growth, MBOs, buy & build and shareholder exits

  • £500k to £10m
  • 2 to 8 years term
  • Secured & cashflow finance
  • Established, profitable UK businesses
  • Experienced management teams
  • Most sectors considered

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Why partner with Blueray Capital?

  • Lender preference to deal with intermediaries
  • Partnerships with over 100 banks, funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers
  • Increased chance of a successful transaction
  • We were awarded Best Acquisition Financier 2018, see below!

Acquisition Finance FAQs

Q1. What information we will need to provide?

Once we have signed an engagement letter and met with you we will require historic and forecast financial information of the target business, the term sheet, business plan and biographies of the team.

Q2. How long does the funding process take?

Indicative offers can be secured quite quickly but the whole process will take at least 3 months.

Q3. What kind of deal terms will make us attractive to funders?

Funders prefer that a good proportion of the consideration is deferred and will not fund the whole structure; requiring 10%-40% equity contribution from the acquiring team.

Q4. What terms will funders insist upon?

They will take a 1st charge over the business and prefer to have tangible security, ideally property. Covenant tests and reporting requirements will be written into the loan agreement. Loan terms are typically 5 years maximum with monthly capital and interest repayments.

Q5. What lending multiples might we expect?

Cash-flow based lending multiples are typically 2 to 2.5x most recent EBITDA.

Q6. What sort of costs should we budget?

Interest costs will be anything from 4% over base to 12% depending on the provider. Completion costs include arrangement fees, external due diligence costs and legal fees.

Q7. Do you work under a non-disclosure agreement?

All information is treated confidentially and stored securely. We can provide a non-disclosure agreement if required.

Q8. What are your terms?

We act for clients in an exclusive and contingent manner. Our terms are set out in our Engagement Letter, a draft of which is provided to you following your initial enquiry.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

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